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Collection Representation, Filing Returns, Declaring Off Shore Accounts, Tax Evasion Mitigation

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Do you need professional assistance with getting the IRS off of your back, or with paying as little taxes as possible?​

When you are facing tax debt, the IRS has many tools at its disposal including serving a tax levy on your bank account, or your wages, seizing your home and other property, revoking your passport, and more. Any of these actions can negatively impact your financial and mental health. Even though it seems like the IRS has all the cards, you have rights, including the right to consult with an attorney to help you obtain tax relief.  Elijah McKinley is ready to help you decrease your tax liability through a penalty abatement, the creation of installment agreements, or offers in compromise, and other tax resolution strategies for you as an individual and for your business. 

Do you have an undisclosed offshore bank account?

Having an undisclosed foreign bank account can create a serious tax problem. The IRS is enforcing the long standing requirement that U.S. citizens, green-card holders, and other “U.S. Persons” report their foreign bank and securities accounts on a Foreign Bank Account Report or FInCEN Form 114. U.S. Persons with signatory authority over, or an interest in offshore bank accounts, are required to file.

Anyone with a foreign financial account, including an offshore bank account or an offshore securities account, who doesn't file an FBAR can be hit with both criminal tax penalties AND civil tax penalties. The criminal tax penalties are a maximum of $250,000, or five years in prison, or both. 31 U.S.C. 5322(a). Even if no criminal tax penalties are imposed, the civil tax penalties can ruin you. Pursuant to 31 USC 5321(a)(5), anyone who willfully violates the law can incur a maximum penalty equal to the GREATER of $100,000 or 50 percent of the entire balance in the account. In some cases the IRS will impose a penalty equal to 100% of the offshore account balance. By leveraging his deep understanding of the internal workings and procedures of the IRS, Mr McKinley can save you millions of dollars, your good name, and jail time.

Do you think you might have committed a Tax Fraud or Tax Evasion?

The IRS’s Criminal Investigation team, known simply as CI, has the task of prosecuting taxpayers who cross the line between simple errors and willfully violating the tax laws. Once CI refers a criminal tax case to the Department of Justice and a case is filed, the IRS has a conviction rate of over 80%.Mr. McKinley will put together a team of ex-IRS trial attorneys and former tax prosecutors to make sure that you either avoid prosecution all together or decrease your culpability by working with the prosecutor. Mr. McKinley can represent you from investigation through trial and sentencing, should that become necessary. He can also represent you in a civil tax fraud investigation where the civil tax fraud penalty is 75%.

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